Made to Thrive

THRIVE. My new favorite word. When speaking with the founder of FOCUS ministries in Chicago a few weeks back, she made mention of the term thrive. She talked to me about workshops she did in the past for women who were victims of domestic violence etc… I began to think about the millions of women out there … More Made to Thrive


If I were to be totally forthright about my personal feelings toward healthy foods, I’d say most of what I have experienced is …well… GROSS. I am that person who wants to be healthier, make better lifestyle choices, etc… But doesn’t exactly want to stop eating what I love. Now, I know that there are … More THIS TIME! 

Thirty Days

EXASPERATED. There is no other word that comes to mind when thinking about how my month went. So much has happened in the last thirty days, I’m so glad it’s over! There are so many stressors in our lives when we are just functioning at normal levels (whatever your normal may be) but when you throw … More Thirty Days