“Ahhhh…Patsy, I cherished every second I got to spend listening to your wisdom. You have taught me how to genuinely pursue the Holy Spirit. It was an honor to witness you speaking truth to the ladies here in Uganda. You are the most evident vessel. I want the relationship you have with the Holy Spirit, … More DRANK UP!

The End

August 1998 It’s almost six o’clock and he will be home any minute. My oldest is playing in her room and I am holding our newborn in my arms while trying to keep the house together and make dinner. Oh-Oh, He’s home. The panic in me is too much to contain and he knows I’m not … More The End

Made to Thrive

THRIVE. My new favorite word. When speaking with the founder of FOCUS ministries in Chicago a few weeks back, she made mention of the term thrive. She talked to me about workshops she did in the past for women who were victims of domestic violence etc… I began to think about the millions of women out there … More Made to Thrive